Payback Time: Splurging Theme

On Tuesday, I suggested providing inexpensive yummy food for your Payback Time investing club. Today I’m going for the full opposite, 180 degrees, diametrically opposed idea of creating a gourmet spread filled with specialty ingredients and using careful preparation.

Here’s why: the entire point of Rule #1/Payback Time investing is to become independently wealthy. Ssometimes we need to remind ourselves what we’re working towards.


Christian Louboutins: LOVE.

An evening of only the finest will give everyone a taste of what their goal. Furthermore, if you are someone who likes to cook and serve special dishes, wealth means being able to do so because it will give you options – so you’ll enjoy this even more.

Some of the following ideas are from my decadent Casino Inspiration menu, and the rest are new. Remember, this is about what is meaningful to you. If wealth means fine chocolate to you, buy some. If it means pretty plates and lots of flowers, focus on that. And if it means saving, use yesterday’s ideas ;)

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