What To Do With…Bad Champagne

The champagne tasting was SO much fun! We partied so hard we almost missed the midnight countdown, and when we realized it was time, it was a bit of an interruption to the raging dance party going on in the living room. We counted down, threw some streamers, snogged a bit, and went back to dancing.

I’ll post photos when I have some. I was a bit, ahem, too distracted to remember to take proper photographs, but I know others were more on their photography game.


I have a few bottles of leftover champers cooling in the garage and luckily came across this Martha idea of how to play around with a champagne that might not be so tasty on it’s own. And so easy peasy, and so colorful and different! Love it.

Sugar Cube Champagne

Give bubbly a boost with jewel-like cranberry-, pomegranate-, and apricot-infused sugar cubes. Working in batches, soak cubes in a bowl of fruit concentrate or puree until completely saturated. Remove with a fork, and place on a wire rack (don’t let them touch); let dry overnight. Present cubes at a champagne bar, or serve them in passed drinks. The sweet, tangy taste will keep guests sipping long after the toasts.

Read more at Marthastewartweddings.com: Celebrate With Champagne

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