I found two bunches of tulips on sale at Whole Foods today.

Flowers make everything better.

Semi-related: I’m back in New York and as I dourly predicted to everyone I know, it started snowing in Jackson Hole in a major way yesterday – i.e. the day I left. Of course, right?! So I’m throwing my hands up and committing myself to major leg workouts and cardio in preparation for heli-skiing in February, as well as ignoring all this wintery stuff and getting back to cooking and dinner parties! I do have a good dinner party story to tell – one that was so unlike me, I’ve had to take the time to process what it really means. I also have a recipe for a shot that will either make you fall in love or gross you out. I think there’s no halfway with that one.

In the meantime, while I’m writing all this for you, flowers will keep a bit of spring in my apartment and add accent colors to each room, and unlike plants, I can change them whenever I like. These make me ridiculously happy :)

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