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Caroline and Alanna made these incredibly-decorated cupcakes for Halloween, and when I saw the photos I begged to be able use them on BB&B. They are gorgeous and so so SO creative! Maybe they’ll let me convince them to give us a decorating workshop before next Halloween.

cupcake mosaic

Wouldn’t a cupcake decorating party would be so cute and kitschy? Not only for Halloween but for Christmas decorating or really any holiday. The cupcakes could be combined with cookie decorating or gingerbread house-making for a true extravaganza of icing and tiny candies.

Serve simple tea sandwiches (cream cheese and smoked salmon, cucumber, egg salad) and fruit for something to nosh on other than pure sugar, and lots of mulled wine to spark the creative process and make the house smell like the winter holidays have arrived. I love this vignette on mulled wine about being drunk under the table by a 90-year-old woman, and I haven’t tried the recipe but it sounds both a) lovely and b) lethal. Neither of which I have a problem with.

Thank you again to Alanna and Caroline for sharing these gorgeous cupcakes!

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