Fall in Atlanta, Part II

All right, I have a confession to make. After writing my lovely Atlanta menu and being so excited to shop in the big store and cook in the big kitchen – and I really was! – I didn’t do any of it. We were so kept so busy running around from barn to horse to party all weekend that not only did I not have time to cook, but the only meals we ate at home were store-bought sandwiches. Epic fail, as far as cooking goes. Oh well, it was a great weekend and the menu is still just as yummy. I’ll make it soon enough.

Epic success, though, as far as riding horses goes.  I (sort of) jumped for the first time!  It was hardly a flying leap, but Hamish and I trotted up to a jump about a foot high and he sort of casually bounded over, and – this is the most exciting part – I stayed on and didn’t even teeter off balance at all! Yeah that’s right. So we did it about five more times. Next stop: Olympics.

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