Black and White Inspiration

Something about these simple stark white hydrangea bunches against the black dresses is really inspiring me – except as accent colors, black and white are so rarely used on tables.  How fun would it be to have such a dramatic table?

Bonnie Tsang on Snippet and Ink

I LOVE white hydrangeas.  I love all hydrangeas, truthfully, but white ones are so versatile, soft and welcoming.  Using them or another fluffy flower like peonies, rather than a  a more delicate flower like white orchids or roses, will lend the black elements on the table some softness that keeps it from being too stark and Sixties mod.  It’s such a harsh color scheme that I would further soften it by adding wide black ribbons to the vases with big bows and long trailing ends.  Rather than a black or white tablecloth, which would make the table too light or too dark, black napkins draped over the side of the table as placemats would add the black element without overwhelming the entire table, and white plates over them would balance the darkness.  For accent colors, I’d like some gold – perhaps a few burnished gold candlesticks with white taper candles on the table – and a little greenery either in the vases or place cards.  I LOVE these simple pear place cards.  So fall-y and simple, and absolutely gorgeous.

The presentation and style of food could either lean towards the more simple and modern if you want to accentuate the clean lines and stark colors of the table, with a carefully presented salad followed by a simple piece of fish.  Or, you could contrast with the table and warm it up with comfortable food such as roast chicken.  Both could end with homemade passed truffles, which will look beautiful on the black and white table (and I just really want to make them!).

More Modern Menu

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