Champagne Tasting Party Report


It was a fabulous New Year’s Eve. We kicked back with a select number of cool friends around (not too many, not too few), it was raucous at times, chill at times, and so fun we almost forgot to count down to midnight. I think a few people were actually a little annoyed that we interrupted the dance party for such a mundane event.

So yeah. Awesome.

AND I continued my streak of totally forgetting to take photographs of things, and while there were lots of people taking photos, none of them has volunteered any of them to go on the internet, which should also confirm that yes, it was a good party.

I’ve decided I need to designate an official photographer (who is not me) at any events I want to go on BB&B, because I’m clearly just never going to do it on my own. Too much rushing around, answering doors, making sure food is properly finished and presented, refilling drinks, changing playlists, introducing people – you know the drill of throwing a party. Maybe one day I’ll remember to take photos…

So what won the champagne tasting? It’s so predictable that’s shocking.


The widow herself: Veuve Clicquot.

The Veuve and Perrier-Jouet were probably the most expensive champagnes there – no one was going to go nuts on a really nice bottle on a night when our taste buds probably weren’t in top form – and the Veuve won hands-down. The Perrier-Jouet actually was almost in last place. To test the results, I opened a bottle the other night and um, YUM, it’s tasty. My theory is that because it’s a drier champagne, all the sweet ones we tried blew out the subtler flavors of the Perrier, making it taste kind of not so nice compared to all the others.

So eh, it’s not an exact science. But it’s a fun one.

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Champagne Dreams

Champagne cork

Don’t you love that POP rush of air when the cork finally releases from the bottle?

I’m giving a champagne tasting party for New Year’s Eve, and I’m so excited about it!

champagne ice

Each guest will bring a bottle of champagne, and I’ll set up a blind tasting using about half of each bottle – the other half will be reserved for the person who brought it. Each taster will score each champagne 1-5 with their names next to their score, and then I’ll average the scores and find out which champagne is the winner! Very democratic.

Almost a little too democratic, which is why we have tasters put their names next to their scores, so they can go back and find out which one(s) they scored highest. That way everyone will know which one they liked best, and which one was most popular overall. Very useful for future champers buying.

Homemade Party Spread

A good friend had a little birthday shindig at her apartment this weekend, and she put out quite a spread.


I love this! Such tasty and homemade food (including my Dill, Sour Cream and Onion Vegetable Dip) and drinks (she had three homemade specialty cocktails to choose from) made the party feel special in a way it wouldn’t have with store-bought platters. We’re bringing back the homemade dinner party!

Mini Cupcakes ‘n Pink Champagne

A lovely friend of mine got a mini cupcake maker. What’s that you say? What is this genius that makes tiny cupcakes without an oven? Behold:


Isn’t it the cutest thing ever? She made us seriously, I kid you not, the tastiest most gorgeous little cupcakes I have ever had. Magnolia Bakery, eat your heart out. Mini cupcakes win.


We paired them with ice cream and toppings, and slathered as much icing as we wanted on each one.


With pink champagne and trashy reality television – it was a great night.

Easter Table Design

The table covering was just a runner of blue paper, over which I placed ribbon-wrapped candlesticks and a paper-wrapped vase filled with yellow and white flowers.

IMG_0679The candlesticks I wrapped with the cutest yellow and white polka dotted ribbon. Using a lot of double-stick tape, I started at the top and wound it around until the bottom was covered and looked billowy and lovely. SO easy. Just make sure you have a lot of ribbon – I must have used 5 yards per candlestick.

mosaicee99f759b8491ae315a04485cf0abad84e64b728I wrapped the vase with this thick Japanese-style paper that I found, and I think it ended up working really nicely with the polka dot candlesticks. You wrap a vase just like you would a present, and just cut the top corners so you can fold them down with tape and make a clean top edge.


Tomorrow: the brunch menu!

Easter Egg Placecards

This was the final brunch table! I kind of loved it, I’ll admit it. Easter-y without being cheesy. I was dying easter eggs at 1am the night before, but you know how you have to suffer for fashion? Sometimes you have suffer for pretty tables too :)

I was inspired by Martha Stewart Living’s April issue to put sticky vinyl letters on eggs and then dye them. Unfortunately, my letters didn’t stick very well and the dye got under a few of them.


IMG_0666But no matter…I wrote in the rest of the names with a gold pen and hoped the fuzzy letters made for extra charm.

IMG_0668Tomorrow: napkin nests for the egg placecards!

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