Winter White and Lace

I’m still loving the white table for winter…{here, and here}

Martha makes these gorgeously simple lace-covered candle holders, which would look so pretty with baby’s breath bouquets. She says to use rectangular doilies. Where does one find such a thing, I wonder? At a craft store, probably. Or definitely online. A little double-stick tape, and you’re all set with a table that has texture and depth, for not much money. Love it!

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Baby’s Breath for Wintertime

Ahhhh…it’s that time of year for the great color known as Winter White.

Mix it with a little dark forest green accent, and it’s absolutely gorgeous on a table. I’m pretty obsessed with this whimsical baby’s breath bouquet.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Imagine a row of vases filled with baby’s breath down a table – monochromatic, simple, and striking.


Photo by Meg Perotti

The great thing about baby’s breath is that it’s available any time of year, usually at your local supermarket, and is inexpensive compared to any other flower.

A few small accent vases, such as this succulent nestled in river rocks, would also be a lovely addition.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Photo by Meg Perotti

And I LOVE this placecard holder! Perfect for a rustic at-home holiday dinner.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Photo by Meg Perotti

All of these photos are from a Los Angeles wedding featured on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Meg Perotti.

P.S. I picked all these photos and got excited about how perfect the colors are, and then I remembered – I wrote another post about winter white and evergreen already! Siiighhhhh…It’s a sign. I love this color scheme.

Fuchsia and Taupe Table Inspiration

Another incredibly gorgeous color palette idea from Martha Stewart, table goddess extraordinaire . . .

This fuchsia and taupe table is just lovely, especially with the sand-colored glassware and monochromatic table. The pink is so heavenly that it would work against any white or neutral tableware, which most of us have. It’s a bit reminiscent of my Rose-Colored Inspiration, and that menu would work equally well with the brighness of this fuchsia table.

Dinner Party of Blue, White and Chocolate

I was preoccupied with Payback Time last week and didn’t tell you all about my dinner party! It was my dad and I, a good friend of mine from home and her parents, who were also good friend with my parents back in the day. Clear?! Ha.

I got excited about this blue, white and chocolate color scheme, and bought this gorgeous paper at the paper store around the corner with which to wrap vases for the table.


Which I filled with fluffy white flowers and paired with blue-silver placemats.


I made simple placecards out of gorgeous chocolate-colored paper and a white gel pen.


And placed them inside a napkin envelope – which I didn’t iron! I ran out of time. There was nothing to do but just go with the wrinkly look and hope it worked in a casual way.


I think it worked okay. It’s the least complicated table I’ve designed in a while, and I liked the minimalist simplicity that it had.

I’ll post the menu and recipes soon!

Brainstorming Dinner Party Decor

My dad will be visiting next week to do press for his new book, Payback Time, which is coming out March 2 (click here to pre-order on Amazon – sorry to plug it, but I’m excited!).

We’re going to have some wonderful family friends over for dinner, and I’m brainstorming my table design. I’m not really sure what I want, exactly. I don’t want it to look girly, but I do want it to look pretty, and I feel in the mood to spice up the table with a print by wrapping vases.

Snippet and Ink

Snippet and Ink

Like these vases, I’m almost feeling a simple and elegant black and white theme, on a white tablecloth with fluffy white flowers and black placecards. It’s a sophisticated color scheme and it won’t compete with the food. A little cold, though?

I have lovely ice blue- and pewter-colored placemats that go really well with my dark wood dining table. I could design around them, with silver candlesticks and maybe chocolate or bronze wrapping on the vases, fluffy white flowers, white napkins with chocolate placecards tucked into them. It would be a color scheme similar to this inspiration board, though less embellished wedding and more birds nest with blue eggs and white accents.

Snippet and Ink

Snippet and Ink

I love that lightish bronze color of the birds nest.

I’m going to see what wrapping paper is on offer at the paper store and go from there . . .

Rainbow Colors Inspiration

I came across this table on 100 Layer Cake and absolutely fell in love.


It is so gorgeous! The hues meld in perfect colorful harmony, and against the monochromatic background of white, cream and silver, the rainbow colors pop.

I especially adore the yellow persimmon on the white plates. It’s different, playful and surprising, and would be the perfect vessel for a placecard attached to a toothpick.

closeup colorPhotos by Erin Hearts Court via 100 Layer Cake

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