Holiday Table

This table is so simple, but it still SCREAMS holiday, and wintertime, and celebration! I love it.


Even if you don’t have all the red accent plates and placemats – I mean, seriously, you know I’d just throw down some nice matte red wrapping paper and call it a day – the napkin treatment is easy and really makes the holiday statement for you. You can get these little bells at any place with Christmas tree gear, and then all you need is some kitchen twine and a sprig off the Christmas tree or from outside.

So easy, and so festive.


If you don’t have kitchen twine, just use some ribbon instead. It’ll be even more colorful.


Throw some votives around the table, stick a few more sprigs of greenery in vases, and you’re all set!

I might use this design idea for a dinner party I’m giving my family between Christmas and New Year’s…


All photos from Restored Style, via The Sweetest Occasion. Restored Style bought most of the tableware at Pier One, so if you’re into this look exactly, check it out.

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Baby’s Breath for Wintertime

Ahhhh…it’s that time of year for the great color known as Winter White.

Mix it with a little dark forest green accent, and it’s absolutely gorgeous on a table. I’m pretty obsessed with this whimsical baby’s breath bouquet.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Imagine a row of vases filled with baby’s breath down a table – monochromatic, simple, and striking.


Photo by Meg Perotti

The great thing about baby’s breath is that it’s available any time of year, usually at your local supermarket, and is inexpensive compared to any other flower.

A few small accent vases, such as this succulent nestled in river rocks, would also be a lovely addition.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Photo by Meg Perotti

And I LOVE this placecard holder! Perfect for a rustic at-home holiday dinner.

Photo by Meg Perotti

Photo by Meg Perotti

All of these photos are from a Los Angeles wedding featured on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Meg Perotti.

P.S. I picked all these photos and got excited about how perfect the colors are, and then I remembered – I wrote another post about winter white and evergreen already! Siiighhhhh…It’s a sign. I love this color scheme.

Pink Inspiration to Shoo Away Winter Blahs

The cold swooped into Jackson Hole today, as it did in most of the country, and because I’ve been bundled up and inside I’ve been imagining a party that is springy, girly, happy and filled with joy – i.e., PINK!

Now, I’m not really a pink kind of girl. I rarely use the color and even more rarely wear it, but in the right situation and with the exact right shade of pink, it works for me. And it works even better in the dead of cold, hideous winter when everyone wants some warmth and friendliness in their life. This shade of perfectly pale pink gives winter some color without being garishly too much.

Pink Luncheon

The pinks, gold, touches of glass green and a little cheery yellow/orange make me so happy!

I would use this color scheme for a girls luncheon, a baby shower, or for a more uncommon gathering, an afternoon tea for absolutely no good reason at all. Wouldn’t it be lovely to cover the table in a very pale pink tablecloth and gold candlesticks, then use a few tiny bud vases filled with kosher salt to hold up lollipops and name cards (or if you’re really ambitious, as in the inspiration board: cupcake pops)? I’d add just a few touches of green or blue glass vases or water glasses for some pop against the pink, et voila – you’re done. Nothing to it.

Add some friends, an assortment of tea sandwiches and champagne with a raspberry at the bottom of the glass, and it’ll be a lovely party.

Arbor Inspiration

This fall I went to the Central Park Conservatory Garden for the first time, and I was so struck by the beauty of the half-circle arbor covered in greenery.

I know it’s a slightly strange obsession, but I absolutely love arbors covered in greenery.  Flower arbors somehow don’t do it for me – too Laura Ashley, I think.  I confess that I had to even look up what arbors are called; for a while I was just calling them “those green covered things that I love,” but you know what, it’s not the name that matters as long as people get what you’re talking about.  Or so I tell myself.  Anyway, now I know thy name is arbor.

I love this arbor too, which is also in Central Park.

Arbors like these make me desperately want to host a small garden dinner party under the archway, with long wood tables covered only in white hydrangeas and potted plants, white dinnerware, rustic family-style food, and zillions of white pillar candles.  Dinner would begin at dusk, just when you start needing the candles, and there would undoubtedly be acoustic music of some kind imbuing the atmosphere without much trouble on anybody’s part.  The wine would be one of those gorgeous bottles you vow to remember the name of and always forget, and the conversation would flow beautifully amongst friends.

Large image my own of the Central Park Conservatory; images on right from Martha Stewart Weddings

Under the Arbor Menu (to be passed family style; no delineated courses)

Winter White and Lace

From one of my favorite blogs, Snippet and Ink, which has inspiration boards of the most gorgeous color combinations – and I’m just so obsessed with this simple wintry juxtaposition of white, cream, and evergreen:

446-evergreen-wedding-decor-winter-wedding-ideasSnippet and Ink

This inspiration board is for a wedding, obviously, but would be so easily transformed into dinner party decor with a crisp white tablecloth, an ivory lace runner down the table for a little old world flavor, and simple glass or milk glass vases with only greenery in them – or maybe a creamy/almost yellow-colored flower or two.  I’d add candles candles candles up the wazoo to light up the white for a dinner, or just a few votives for a brightly sunlight winter white lunch.

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