Party in a Can



Alcoholic whipped cream is apparently a thing now.

I MUST try it.

From the Huffington Post:

It goes by the name Whipahol, “Whipped Lightning” or Get Whipped and comes in seemingly innocuous flavors, like white chocolate raspberry and cinnamon. But a can of alcoholic whipped cream — that’s right, alcoholic whipped cream — has the alcohol content of three beers and it’s causing concern on college campuses. But are students keen on the idea of getting drunk off of a dairy product?

Click here to watch the news report on it.

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3 thoughts on “Party in a Can

  1. The underlying concept of “just add alcohol” (because it makes everything taste or perhaps “feel” better) is so profoundly collegiate in the simplicity of its happiness theorem as to make one rather nostalgic for those uncomplicated days; it also reminds me of the Jack Daniels gift shop, the edible wares of which were predicated along the same conceptual lines (as in “What makes mac and cheese zip? And salad dressing bite? A bottle of Jack, of course!”) Literally anything down to (and especially, depending on whom you ask) your baby’s bottle, because alcohol brings good things to life…oh wait, I’m mixing slogans, but you get the idea..

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