Champagne Dreams

Champagne cork

Don’t you love that POP rush of air when the cork finally releases from the bottle?

I’m giving a champagne tasting party for New Year’s Eve, and I’m so excited about it!

champagne ice

Each guest will bring a bottle of champagne, and I’ll set up a blind tasting using about half of each bottle – the other half will be reserved for the person who brought it. Each taster will score each champagne 1-5 with their names next to their score, and then I’ll average the scores and find out which champagne is the winner! Very democratic.

Almost a little too democratic, which is why we have tasters put their names next to their scores, so they can go back and find out which one(s) they scored highest. That way everyone will know which one they liked best, and which one was most popular overall. Very useful for future champers buying.

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