I’m Still Alive

Sorry guys – I have been incredibly negligent due to my non-cooking life becoming completely overwhelming. Finals, graduation, moving, a wonderful vacation, my wonderful grandfather passing away, and straight into studying for the dreaded bar exam and finding out why it’s so dreaded. To state the obvious, you really really have to know a LOT of stuff.

I literally have hardly cooked in months. I miss it.

Now that I’m semi-settled in one place for a few months, I’ll be posting more. For instance, right now I have some morel mushrooms on my counter that I can’t wait to sauté in butter and taste. You’re going to laugh when you read what I’m eating them with, though – let’s say for now that this blog is going to become a lot less gourmet and a lot more Sandra Lee semi-homemade style. Which I kind of love, actually. Everyone needs shortcuts every now and then – or oftener than that ;)

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