Food Economics


Tom Philpott’s solution to our fast food crisis: everyone should learn to cook! Naturally, I feel like I just got a little pat on the back for learning to cook – but then, I’m not someone who typically goes to fast food restaurants (excepting my beloved Taco Bell, obviously).

Take something like cooking skills—it is something that you learn generationally. I don’t want to hark back to some golden age—I mean, Julia Child grew up with servants—and so it isn’t like everyone used to cook and now they don’t. There has always been a class thing around food. But cooking is something that we learn most commonly from our parents, and it is something that can be lost in a single generation. And that skill has been widely lost and regenerating it is no easy task. The culture of convenience is so widespread and ingrained that it will be super hard to change.

His take on the politics of it all is fascinating, and a new viewpoint I haven’t heard before.

Food Fighter: Tom Philpott

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