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I’m a bad food blogger because I totally forgot to take photos of the food. You know how busy it is right when all the dishes are suddenly ready and hot and guests are standing around waiting to eat? Instead of taking photos at that moment, I put the food on the table and fed them. And didn’t take photos. I’ve decided (to make myself feel better) to chalk it up to being a good host but it still doesn’t change that I have no photos for you guys! Grrrr.

Next time, I will remember. Promise.

Easter Brunch Menu

  • Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Gouda and Chives
  • Blueberry Coffee Cake
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Greenmarket Button Mushrooms
  • Fruit Salad with Honey Yogurt Sauce

I’ll post the recipes for the scrambled eggs and honey yogurt sauce over the next week.

As a penitent offering, please enjoy this photo of a sign I saw while wandering around a hunting store in Colorado. I seriously contemplated what kinds of other aids visually disabled people might need to be able to to hunt and how exactly that would work until I realized….


Colorado hunting store owners? Not so great at the capitalization. Plus, I actually showed this photo to the checkout lady and she didn’t seem to think it was funny at all, so what can you do.

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