S’mores in the City

I’m so lucky that I have a wonderful friend with an apartment in the middle of New York City – with a working fireplace.

photo-5That’s right, kids. Real logs and everything. And she used it to throw an intimate s’mores party! If you have a fire source of some kind, I highly recommend it.

photo-6Instead of graham crackers, she used thin ginger cookies and they were purrrrrfect. I can never go back to normal grahams again.

photo-7For extra yumminess, pair the s’mores with White Russians (or as The Dude calls them, Caucasians). I make them with skim milk instead of half-and-half, and just a touch of vodka.


All we could talk about was how the fire made the party. Something about staring into it makes you feel like there’s a purpose to you being there.

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