Brown Butter and Bourbon Shots

I was sitting at the bar at the Silver Dollar a few weeks ago, drinking bourbon with some friends who were visiting Jackson Hole, and our conversation rolled around to the flavor combination of bourbon and brown butter and how drinking those two particular liquids together might be a really good idea. Did I mention we were drinking already?

So a few nights later we got together again and discussed it. I was pretty grossed out by the idea of drinking butter, but we’d come this far and maybe it would be good, and I knew with BB&B’s name I wouldn’t be able to avoid it forever, and also just why not?

I cooked up some brown butter, immersed the bottom of the pot in cold water in the sink to stop the cooking and cool the butter quickly, and poured it into a glass for ready mixing.

The brown butter, waiting patiently to be mixed

The brown butter, waiting patiently to be mixed

After deciding to keep the butter level low, we went for 5 shots of bourbon to one shot of brown butter and mixed that bad boy up.


Carefully measuring

The room temperature bourbon cooled the butter even more and made teensy congealed bits of butter in the liquid, but we didn’t know that until we drank them.

The fateful shots

Pouring the fateful shots

Honestly? Not that bad! Maybe even a little good! As one friend noted, it had a lovely buttery aftertaste that made the shot itself worth it. Buoyed, we made another set of shots at a 2-1 ratio.

I do not recommend that.

So, if you like new things and want to try this out, I do not discourage you. Use a 5-1 ratio and the spirit of adventure – and toast to Brown Butter & Bourbon!

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5 thoughts on “Brown Butter and Bourbon Shots

  1. This totally reminds me of hot buttered drinks. I have never made one, although keep meaning too. I have a recipe for hot buttered bourbon, that includes apple cider, sugar, and spices, and then is topped with nutmeg butter…I bet it could work with some form of brown butter too!!

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