Breathable Chocolate

A scientist has invented an inhaler that places small particles of chocolate on your tastebuds when you breathe it in – apparently giving you the taste of chocolate for one calorie. It’s called Le Whif. My favorite part is this chick who looks like she’s nonchalantly sucking on her extremely normal inhaler. “Oh no, I’m not smoking. I’m just inhaling the taste of chocolate from my Le Whif.” Were they trying make it sound French and therefore extra klassy (with a k)?

Would this really satisfy a chocolate craving, or would it seem like an empty pleasure? I adore the taste of chocolate, but so much of the pleasure is from the texture, the presentation, the mix of flavors, and the melting – my God, the melting!

On the other hand, I’m off sweets right now (New Year’s resolution) and I wouldn’t mind a taste of chocolate that’s guilt-free. Wouldn’t mind that at all. AT. ALL.

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