Americana Dinner Party Menu

Using potato chips as appetizers for a dinner party has been intriguing me since yesterday. I’ve been mulling over a dinner party menu that would go well with them – especially with the potato chip and a slice of banana idea. It’s such a classic American snack that it almost begs for a classic American menu to go with it – one that’s whimsical and casual like potato chips, but made with high quality ingredients and a feeling of specialness that makes it fun to create for guests.



Americana Menu


  • Thick-cut potato chips (homemade or store-bought) with thin slices of ripe banana on each one

Main Courses:

  • Homemade burgers (whatever kind of burger you prefer; I would make turkey burgers) with toppings such as brie, gorgonzola, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sprouts, arugula and whole-grain mustard. You could even put a fried egg on top for those who want!


  • Classic banana splits with multiple ice cream options, sauces and fun candies

Serve this to friends with whom you can be casual and get messy! Keep the table fairly clear to make room for all the topping options, and serve family style.

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2 thoughts on “Americana Dinner Party Menu

  1. Yay! It’s a great grilling out menu too, and so easy to put together. All you need are a bunch of your favorite toppings!

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