Wrapped Vases

This is such a good way to easily and inexpensively transform your vases: simply wrap them in wrapping paper or fabric and affix with tape (so you can remove the wrapping later), and voila, in place of clear glass you have have another colorful design element on your table.  Since they’re going to be covered anyway, containers other than vases can be adapted to hold flowers.  Anything in which you can put a little water dish, such as a votive candle holder, would work: pencil holders, tin cans, tall cardboard boxes (like wine bottle boxes) and even your own water glasses.

At most paper stores or specialty home stores you can find gorgeous wrapping paper in single sheets, which would be perfect for mixing and matching different patterns.  Rolled wrapping paper would be a very inexpensive way to create a monochromatic theme.  You could also choose fabric and use fabric glue to adhere it together.  Choosing a highly textured fabric would add a lot of richness to the table and would set off very simple flowers beautifully.

There are countless pattern and color combination possibilities with this idea – using the same wrapping paper as on the table for a very strong statement, putting a bright color on the vases with flowers and tablecloth in a softer color, or mixing it all up so it doesn’t feel so matchy-matchy.  I’m so excited to try it out sometime soon!

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