Who Wants Dessert?

Dessert is difficult for a girl who really likes to serve appetizers. Guests fill up on the apps and on dinner and by the time dessert rolls around, no one wants any more to eat. I told my mom about this dilemma once and she said “You probably shouldn’t serve appetizers then.”

Which literally had had not ever occurred to me. Not serve appetizers?! That wouldn’t be a dinner party! That would just be dinner.



So I have to serve appetizers, even if its just some warm nuts and olives. I also have some sort of trigger in me that requires a finish to the meal; something sweet to mark the end. So I’m leaning towards starting to do small tidbits, petit fours style. Maybe meringues, or small brownies with a homemade sauce. Cookies are an obvious choice, or cupcakes. If the meal hasn’t been too cheese-heavy, an assortment of cheeses with fruit and a nice port would go over well. Or, if I really have to make a pie or a cake, I’ll tone down the heaviness of the meal…or just warn everyone before that they’d better come ready for true gluttony.



Martha Stewart the Goddess has a lovely idea for caramel apples to take home – both a dessert and a party favor! I love this idea because I feel like I’m giving guests something to end the meal, but they can enjoy it when they like. AND, I could use them as placecard holders!! Just tie on a little slip of paper with a name on it, and you’re done. I love love love this idea. Especially because caramel apples are so easy to make and inexpensive, and have a great sense of childlike fun about them. Oh, Martha: so genius….

I’m going to post a series of placecard holder/favor ideas from Martha over the next few days, because they’re so lovely and I’m always looking for innovative placecards.

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