Boeuf Bourguignon, or, The True Tale of How I Ate Cow: Part I

I. Cooked. Beef.

And ate it.

This is a very big deal.

Growing up with a vegetarian mama, I literally never ate beef in my life until a few years ago when I finally (lamely) rebelled by eating a bite of my then-boyfriend’s McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese. And it was really good. Clearly McDonald’s puts crack in their food because actual quality bites of beef that I occasionally stole from friends’ plates didn’t do it for me in the same way, and as a result I figured I just didn’t like beef that much.

Until I did a three day juice fast this December to recover from Thanksgiving and for three days I craved beef. THREE DAYS. Beef!  What?!

Yeah, this stuff.

From these cuties.

So after several days of resisting this craving with extremely incredible willpower, I went to the Spotted Pig for dinner, which is a fantastic gastropub in NYC, and as the fates would have it their special that night was a 13 ounce New York Strip steak with bone marrow sauce. Screw it, I said. I’m at the Spotted Pig and I’m going to try steak, and the bone marrow sauce will be an meat-eating bonus for my bona fides. I figured I would eat half and take the rest home; no no – I ate THE WHOLE THING. And could have eaten more. It was incredible. I highly highly highly recommend bone marrow on anything, especially steak after finishing a juice fast, and I highly highly highly recommend steak from the Spotted Pig any time.

I will say, though, I’ve lived in New York almost three years and can’t think of a single time I’ve encountered the “mean/rude New Yorker” stereotype.  At the Spotted Pig, I discovered why: they’re ALL there! From girls at the bar who were rude for no reason to asshole investment bankers who seem to think everyone eating dinner around them wants to loudly hear about how many shots they took last night and how many hours they worked last week, it was pretty striking how an expensive/trendy pub atmosphere attracts the jerks.

Anyway, despite the clientele, I loved the food at the Spotted Pig and the next night I got steak in my Chipotle burrito bowl and promptly OD’d on beef for a while. Until I cooked Boeuf Bourguignon….Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon. Part II to come….

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9 thoughts on “Boeuf Bourguignon, or, The True Tale of How I Ate Cow: Part I

  1. While I am beyond thrilled to hear youve accepted beef into your life can I say how much I fucking HATE Julia Childs? Its possible the only person I hate more than Julia Childs is that damn Julia woman played by Amy Adams in that ATROCIOUS Julia and Julia movie. It made me want to gouge out my eyes.

    Thank you.

  2. Julia CHILD. No S. If you’re going to hate someone so awesome, at least get her name right!! Geeeezzz…. But I admit that Amy Adams was really annoying in that movie and had hideous hair. The only good parts were the Julia parts.

    So you don’t have time to hang out with me but you have time to comment here?!

  3. I finally decided to read your lovely blog b/c of the beef comments. HA! Honestly, I rarely eat meat, but when I do, it is a religious experience, and it must be bloody. If you’re going to kill something, you might as well use the whole thing.

    Which is why when two of my college friends and I had our semi-annual Popeye’s run, we were each required to each three whole chickens and mocked anyone who tried to skim on eating all of it. “You left marrow? WUSS” or “Fuckin’ cheater, there’s still meat on that.”

    You have to respect nature, is my point.

  4. Considering Pollan, the environment, etc., it feels a bit ethically compromised, if not downright medieval, to publicly stump for the pleasures of a good shank, but there are few culinary pleasures on par with a) McDonald’s (and Doritos, but that’s another story); and b) a succulent steak, preferably surrounded by beer battered onion rings. So glad that you’re willing to make the rare exception, and that now I can openly indulge (without repulsing your vegetarian sensibilities) when next I see you:)

  5. Yes on respecting nature! That’s why only ethically raised meat is ok with me, Seemi. So that does leave McDonald’s out (not a bad thing on the whole) but totally allows a good steak with onion rings! BTW no one ever repulses me by eating any kind of meat, unless its farmed in a cruel way, like foie gras. But I’ve even gotten used to that, though I don’t like it. I once got a guy to order calf brains as an appetizer just because I wanted to see someone eat it, haha. I’m a frat boy at heart.

  6. I had a similar introduction to the joys of meat in college when I ate a cheeseburger out of desperation…and realized it satisfied a hunger I didn’t even know I had. It’s been all downhill since then. Next you need to discover the pleasures of the other white meat–Pork.

    P.S. I’m with Seemi on Doritos! Mmmm.

  7. Pork!? Ack. I think the only time I’ve eaten it was when I was traveling abroad, which we all know doesn’t count. But I’ll never say never again.

  8. Amen, you are the most charming frat boy at heart, and so combine the best of all possible worlds in one beautiful package:)

    And yes, please devote a future post to the transcendental deliciousness of Doritos (as in: is there a way to capture that crunch plus flavor sensation through a healthier homemade recipe OR for certain pleasure are we fated to rely on the fruits of the military industrial complex, see: Twinkies?).

  9. Oh, and while the subject of good/bad foods is still fresh: a menu featuring homemade Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the appropriately buttery and salted sides; heaven on a plate.

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