Art of Après-Ski

I’m still in Jackson Hole for meetings – back to New York next week. But wouldn’t it be great if the ski hill looked like this (with me on it)? ski_st_anton.htm ski_st_anton.htm

It doesn’t. Our poor mountain is a sheet of ice with only little taunts of an inch or two here and there to pretend like the snow gods have remembered us. A friend said to me he thinks we need the kind of snow that will shut the entire mountain down for a day or two just to get back to where we should be in the middle of January.

Soooo….we’ve been driven to focusing on what some consider the real point of a ski vacation anyway: the fun afterwards. It’s not such a bad thing to start the apres-ski revelry at lunchtime instead of when the lifts close! So here is my recipe for a good apres-ski party:

  • hot tub (optional)
  • a gorgeous view
  • locally brewed beer
  • really good tequila for shots between beers
  • jam band and/or bluegrass tunes
  • a guy who calls people “brah” and brags about hucking it off a sick lip into the gnar
  • an expert skier who won’t talk about the crazy things he’s done unless you ask
  • extreme skiing/snowboarding videos on the tv
  • a big fire in the fireplace
  • comfortable shoes
  • a ride home

Mix. Repeat.

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4 thoughts on “Art of Après-Ski

  1. ahhh. i know it well. it sounds like every afternoon of the past two years of my life… often times nachos were involved as well….

  2. Sar – you’re so right on about the nachos! Forgot that essential component.

    Kerry – of course!! Let’s coordinate JH trips!

    rule one – Pleeeease….but that’ll be us heli-skiing next month!!

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