With friends visiting, finals and the recent passing of my grandmother, it’s been a roller coaster around here and I’ve had to slow down my posts a little bit. I’ll be in California next week without steady internet access, so I’m lining up some great posts for you guys, including a few guest posts from a great friend and better writer that you’ll love. I’ll be back to daily posting the week after – when I’ll be on vacation in Jackson Hole with nothing to do but cook, snowboard, après-ski, and dream up yummy menus and gorgeous decor inspirations! I’m really looking forward to that.

Dad and I in Jackson

Dad and I in Jackson on a bluebird day

I also want to say welcome to all the visitors who came over from my dad’s investing blog, Phil Town. Rule #1 is Don’t Lose Money, and I hope my ideas for inexpensive entertaining and cooking at home help you keep a little more of your money to invest.

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