Gingerbread Mouse

Living in the Woods and Making Stuff

Living in the Woods and Making Stuff

If this doesn’t put you in the spirit of holiday cheer and whimsy, well, good luck with life. My oldest friend, Torrey, knows everything about cooking and knitting and anything home-related – and as a twist on a classic gingerbread house she made this absolutely incredible marzipan mouse in a gingerbread matchbox! I couldn’t love it more. It is so creative and lovely, just like everything else she cooks up. You absolutely must look at the process she went through to create every tiny detail. Look at how the peppermints are lined up alternating vertically and horizontally to make the blanket, or how the mouse’s ears are pink on the inside, or how with just a tiny hint of a suggestion of red pajamas your mind fills the rest in. Scrumptious in every way.

It makes me want to, you know, at least decorate some Christmas cookies, or eat an entire batch of gingerbread as an homage to her creativity . . . could I stick some chocolate chips in the shape of a smiley face on a spoonful of peanut butter and call it good?!

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