Fall Greenmarket Menu


Now, I do not subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter.  Let’s just make that clear straight away.  I loved Gwyneth in Shakespeare in Love and Sliding Doors, but I do not need to know her opinions on what $1800 Christmas gifts I should buy my friends, what Balenciaga coin purse I should buy, or how we should all really sleep more than eight hours.  My friend subscribes, though, and she forwards it to me when she thinks it particularly interesting or entertaining – which is how I got this particular tip about a place which, yes, as much as I hate to admit it, is kind of awesome.

from rivercottage.net


River Cottage is a sustainable farm in England that offers courses in such classic skills as breadmaking, beekeeping, mushroom foraging and butchering and cooking various animals “in a day”.  They also have evening dinners made with food grown and cooked on the farm that I definitely want to go to the next time I’m across the pond.  How wonderful to have a meal in which you grew the food and  know exactly where it came from and what you’re putting in your body – something that is difficult to do in NYC.  I love that the White House has a garden now and is raising awareness about knowing where your food comes from.  Anyway…I digress…the point of this is that River Cottage has a yummy butternut squash and blue cheese recipe on its website and I got excited  about making a simple vegetarian and gluten-free fall menu around it!  This would be lovely for just yourself or for a casual dinner party – it would have been great at my Sweet Home Dinner last week!  I’ll have to remember it for next time.



Fall Greenmarket Menu

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2 thoughts on “Fall Greenmarket Menu

  1. I saw the chef from Blackberry Farm on Martha! He seemed so sincere about it all, it was very sweet. Once day we will go, my dear.

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