It’s finals time for me, which means that I’m officially not allowed in the kitchen because I will procrastinate my way through many recipes and not learn what I need to learn. Cooking is my worst procrastination tool because I can justify it – I need to eat, so I obviously have to cook something anyway, and if I’m cooking anyway I might as well try something new and fun and tasty that will take four hours and require many dishes to be washed….and then half a day later I’m full and happy and utterly ill-prepared for my exams. So I am not allowed in the kitchen. I eat a lot of Subway during finals.

That said, I totally broke my own rule and made some fluffy, gorgeous biscuits.


I couldn’t help it: Smitten Kitchen put them up and they only have five ingredients! All of which were all in my kitchen! It’s my kryptonite. So easy to just throw together. Plus, a good friend was arriving from out of town tonight. PLUS, another friend was coming over for to kill some time before a date. The confluence of those events just can’t go by me without my offering some sort of homemade food!

So, I threw together the biscuits at lunchtime (using a wine glass to cut them, since I don’t have a biscuit cutter) and stuck them in the fridge so I could bake them ten minutes before everyone was supposed to arrive. I followed her recipe, so I won’t be redundant and repost it here – just click here to go to the recipe.

biscuit dough board

My dough made eight normal-sized biscuits and one baby biscuit.


I served them with an assortment of creamy butter, clotted cream, jams, honey and raspberries and oh my gosh, all of the toppings together was the best combination.

These biscuits are really tasty right out of the oven, but don’t keep very well. We made fried egg/cheddar cheese/turkey bacon breakfast sandwiches with them the next morning and they were too dry (but no matter: I just threw some extra ketchup on that bad boy and called it good!). However, they’re so easy to make ahead that they’re great for dinner parties. I would make them for an unusual dinner party appetizer with either honey butter or herb butter, or for a dinner party dessert with a fruit sauce and spiced whipped cream. So tasty.

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One thought on “Biscuits

  1. This is making me crave your biscuits with jam, honey, clotted cream, and raspberries for lunch…*sigh*

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